Humongous Warframes

recently we've become interested in this weird beautiful mess of a game called Warframe, and somehow that interest has crossed over into our lifelong obsession with the Humongous Entertainment Junior Adventure games. we've spent the last few months making custom Warframe loadouts inspired by Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, and Spy Fox!



Putt-Putt goes to the moon

the frame choice was pretty straightforward here. Putt-Putt is a car; Gauss is a car. we went with the Mag helmet to really sell the car look.


don't forget Pep!

(weird coincidence: Gauss has a friend named Grendel, a warframe who happens to bear a resemblance to Putt-Putt's crossover friend Fatty Bear. maybe we'll update this later with more obscure characters...)

putt-putt putt-putt

we used a Lecta with magnetic damage for Putt-Putt's grabby whip antenna. he felt a little defenseless with just a melee weapon, so we also gave him an exhaust pipe: an Ignis Wraith with gas damage.


hot ziggity!

Freddi Fish

freddi fish

and Luther!

Yareli was another obvious choice. all her abilities are water-themed, including bubble traps and a surfboard jellyfish creature.

freddi fish

the Physalia helmet makes her look extra fishy

even her signature weapon is a bubble gun, which makes a perfect blast damage slingshot for Freddi.

freddi fish freddi fish

for her melee weapon, we gave her a leafy Endura kelp sword with self-healing mods and a piratey stance. argh!

freddi fish

Luther Taxon has a machine gun, because that seems like something he would be into

Pajama Sam

pajama sam

watch out, Darkness!

we had to do some searching before we landed on Baruuk for Pajama Sam. he's a monk who prefers pacifism, which feels like an interesting take on Sam's character arc. he also has an ability that puts enemies to sleep.

pajama sam

it's amazing how much the Bedouin skin just makes him look like a Pajama Sam/Man hybrid

pajama sam

especially with a Repala syandana for the cape

our Sam comes with an Illuminator Mark V™ Quatz and a Heliocor, a hammer that scans enemy data for collection in the codex: an actual Portable Bad-Guy Containment Unit. both weapons do radiation damage.

pajama sam pajama sam

Carrot Diriga is armed with a shadowy ice beam, straight from the refrigerator of Darkness

Spy Fox

spy fox

the Verv skin is unfortunately a Prime Gaming exclusive. food stamps, monopoly, you know how it is

Loki is a trickster who can go invisible, create decoys, disarm enemies, and latch onto walls for longer than most frames. useful gadgets for a spy.

spy fox spy fox

Spy Fox is equipped with not one but four SPY Watches, in the form of Obex. he's also carrying a silenced Lex. not a very damage-focused loadout, but good enough for stealth missions.

spy fox

Walter Wireless Shade backs him up with extra invisibility and an electric sniper rifle

spy fox

and that's everyone! for now...